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1- Rotating limit switch

Limiting the hook at top and bottom levels with counter. High quality and efficiency limiter is capable to set 4 stops on hoisting.

2- Rope guide

Long service lives and high safety levels are outstanding features of the resilient annealed steel rollers with machined rope grooves and annealed load hooks.

3- Electromagnetic brake

The dual-disk electromagnetic brake features automatic braking in the event of a power failure. Asbestos-free brake linings designed for approx. 1million braking operations make for long maintenance intervals.

4- Overload limit switches

Dogan Vinc hoists are equipped with overload limit swicthes as an option. Overload limit swicthes has 3 different precautions at load level %90 - %100 - %110 with different beeping.

5- Cross travel trolley

Hoist trolleys are fitted with flanged wheels with permanently lubricated roller bearings, designed for use on tracks with parallel flanges. Wheels for tracks with inclined flanges are available as an option.

6- Hoisting gear

Lightweight gear units with silentrunning flat bevelled gears deliver the torque required.

7- Hook block

Long service lives and high safety levels are outstanding features of the resilient annealed steel rollers with machined rope grooves and annealed load hooks.

Advantages of the DOGAN VINC Electric Hoist

1. Mono-speed motor hoisting with Three-in-One structure, Stable and reliable operation, small volume

2. Highly efficient electric motor with hard tooth surface reducer, to achieve the low energy consumption and large output torque.

3. The electromagnetic brake can adjust itself automatically with high precision, to achieve fast and reliable braking with low noise.

4. The steel wire rope with high strength and high flexibility, to achieve greater and safer lifting.

5. High strength nylon rope guide and pulley, its self-lubricating help to achieve a longer service life of the steel wire rope.

6. High strength alloy wheel group, to achieve a long service life for the wheels.

7. Modular design to realize the flexible combination.

8. The maximum lifting capacity of the single-girder is 16 t, the maximum lifting capacity of the double-girder can reach to 150t.

Range of application

Machine processing, steel production, material supply or any other lifting and handling occasions.

Hoist General Spesifications

Lifting capacity : 2t-16t

European optimized design, light dead weight

Silent operation

Low hoist frame reduces the height of building and saves construction cost

Modern integration design which combine motor together with fan, reducer, rope drum and brake, compact structure

Optimum cooling with good cooling performance, cooling is improved up by 30%, resistant to a temperature rise of 170 ° C

Ambient temperature: -10℃ – +40℃

Epoxy zinc-rich painting for one bottoms and two sides of 120μm thick, to achieve a long lifespan, beautiful appearance and good luster*

Lifting motor

Asynchronous squirrel cage motor (Synchronous speed reaches up to 3000rpm)

Two-speed pole changing or frequency conversion for stepless speed control*

Heavy duty, cyclic duration: 60% ED

Protection class: IP54, Insulation class: F

Lifting Reducer

Aluminum shell, light dead weight and good sealing condition

Semi-fluid grease lubrication, life cycle design, maintenance free

Helical gear with hard tooth face

Lifting brake

DC Electromagnetic disc brake

Self-adjusting brake pad, self-compensation wear, alarm when the brake pad is not thick enough*

Excellent integration design of the regular closed brake and motor with good synchronization. Safe braking torque (at least 1.8 times) can effectively prevent the hook from slipping.

Fully covered

Heavy duty

Large Frictional contact area, adjustable brake toque

Asbestos-free and environmentally friendly friction piece

Brake lining life: not less than half million times under normal use, emergency braking is not lower than 500 times

Rope Drum

Large diameter rope drum, Diameter(rope drum)/ Diameter(Steel wire rope) =46, to extend the rope’s lifetime

Ensures accurate load positioning, hook drift +/- 4mm per meter

At least two rings of rope are around the drum while the hook is at the lowest position

Rope guide is made of spheroidal graphite cast iron, with wear resistant and heavy-duty

A spring operated guide roll in the rope guide to prevent the steel wire rope from going out of the groove effectively

Steel Wire Rope

High tensile steel wire rope, breaking force can reach to 2160N/mm2

Galvanized steel wire rope, maintenance free*


DIN 15401 standard Hook, quenched and tempered steel 34CrMoV

Anti-friction bearings with life cycle lubrication, 360°rotation

Safety lock is to prevent the hook from releasing

Protection Function

Overload protection: The hook will go down and be forbidden to go up to ensure the load to fall to the ground safely when the overload occurs.

Lifting limit switch

4-step adjustable geared rotating limit switches, automatic resetting, slow down before stopping, accurate phase sequence control

Mechanical anti-collision device

Rubber buffer block, efficient energy absorption

Wireless anti-collision limit switch

Infrared induction limit, sensitive and reliable

Overheating protection

Equipped with thermistor, the lifting motor has a good protection function from overheating

Braking safety protection

Electric braking + mechanical brake

*Optional specifications

Technical Drawings